Lesson #2

Welcome to Lesson #2

Lesson #1 was getting to know your future clients, and Lesson #2 will be getting to know you (What tools do you have? How sharp are your tools?)

Your #1 tool is language! How is your proficiency in your working languages?

Please read the attached "Scale ILR (Inter Agency Language Round table) and complete the attached "Speaking Proficiency Appraisal" for each language you are looking to work with.

Speaking Proficiency Appraisal.pdf

Can we agree, to work as a translator and/or as an interpreter one should achieve level S-4 (Full professional proficiency)

How often you use your 2nd/3rd languages, how often you read, write, listen and/or speak in those languages.

you know the old saying "If you don't use it, you loose it" plus languages are a living things, they grow, change, adapt, and borrow. Certain terms overtime could loose their meanings and end up meaning completely a different thing, so the question is how immersed are you in your languages.

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